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Minute Taking

WATSON corporate secretaries make the minutes matter.

Your organization’s board performance relies on accurate and timely minutes.  WATSON’s professional corporate secretary team ensures your board always has the information it needs to perform better.

What we deliver

Accurate Minutes

WATSON creates the right balance between accurate record keeping (aligned with discharging each director’s fiduciary duty) while respecting competitive information.  We take into consideration the complexities of your sector and organization to build a solid minute taking framework that works for you.

Clear Action Items

WATSON captures the agreed upon actions and accountabilities to ensure the board and management team can advance your priorities and purpose.

Official Records

Minutes matter in a board room. WATSON makes sure the official minutes of your meetings are detailed enough to help the board accurately recollect decisions made while maintaining an independent position.  We focus on the topics that matter, not the people in the room.

Bottom line?  Your minutes will make the difference in your hours of board meetings.

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