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Governing with Intention™ for Boards

Governance training tailored to fit your board

Governing with Intention™, WATSON’s customized two-day governance program, is perfect for boards who value an in-depth and engaging learning experience. Our flagship course delivers practical tools and clear, relevant guidance to help your entire board and senior management team develop a shared understanding of governance and how to enhance its effectiveness.

Sample Curriculum
  • Understand the principles of an intentional approach to governance
  • Identify directors duties and your legal foundation
  • Determine ways to maximize the contributions of key roles on the board and management team
  • Consider how various changes to governance practices enhance the effectiveness of board and committee practices
  • Strengthen board culture by identifying and adopting practices specific to boards and the board/ management relationship
  • Apply WATSON’s ‘Managing the Line’ method to help clarify the line between governance and management
  • Review five leading practices in leadership renewal
to ensure your organization has the board and executive leaders it needs to achieve its goals over the next
five years
  • Shift to a more strategic perspective

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What Participants Receive
  1. Governing with Intention™ Workbook – explores governance in four key areas: Governing with Intention™, Governance Design, Leadership and Renewal and Strategic Perspective
  2. WATSON Views – Articles on emerging governance issues
  3. Room at a GlanceA snapshot of your board’s governance. Perceptions of your directors’ and board’s governance practices and performance
  4. Action Plan (post workshop) – An outline of key actions and ideas generated in the workshop that the board may wish to implement or further explore.

Bottom line?  You’ll shift the dialogue, the dynamics and the performance in your boardroom.

Let’s put purpose into your board

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