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Chair with Intention™

As goes the chair, so goes the board – dynamics, effectiveness, performance.

WATSON’s Chair with Intention™ brings together chairs – current, incoming and aspiring – to tackle the challenges chairs face in and between meetings. Balancing practical tips and techniques with leading governance practices, participants will walk away with a customized action plan to elevate the board’s contribution and help your organization perform better. You’ll find a safe and confidential place to share experiences and learn with fellow chairs – in camera.

Join us as we:
  • Build a culture of shared experiences
  • Explore the practices and processes to elevate your performance
  • Tackle current issues head on
  • Assess personal performance and develop customized action plans
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Learn how to
  • Clarify the attributes and responsibilities of an effective chair
  • Lead meetings to enhance director contribution and elevate conversations resulting in better decision-making
  • Strengthen relationships with key stakeholders both in and between meetings
  • Develop a finely balanced CEO-Chair relationship and clarity in oversight
  • Explore emergent practices in chair succession from recruitment and orientation to evaluation
  • Refine facilitation skills to foster a stronger board culture


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Who should attend
  • Current, incoming and aspiring chairs
  • Committee chairs


What you receive
  • Chair with Intention™ Handbook
  • The Chair at the Table
  • Assessments to measure their chair skills and attributes


Early Bird Registration Special $1,325

$1,475 Regular Fee
Includes breakfast, lunch and evening reception

Bottom Line? You’ll earn your place at the head of the table.

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