Boards are our business

CEO Succession Planning

Succession planning should be more than a retirement afterthought.

Good boards are responsible for ensuring that their organizations have the best leadership today, and tomorrow.  WATSON will guide your CEO succession planning so you build a diverse, strong, and balanced talent pipeline.

WATSON will:

  • Get the right people in place at the right time, to guarantee continued leadership that is consistent with strategy and vision
  • Help you execute a thoughtful process to determine future needs, assess incumbents, and create appropriate development plans
  • Benchmark internal executives against the market
  • Prepare you for the “hit by the bus” scenario
How we do it

We Ease the Conversation

Is your board avoiding the CEO succession conversation?  Boards tell us it is a critically important responsibility but often an uncomfortable process.  We’ll smooth the conversation to help you get past the discomfort.

We Cover all the Bases

We will design policies and processes to engage not only the board but also the CEO and senior management.  We believe in transparency.  The results are clearer.

We Think Long Term

We will make sure you are covered now and for the future.  We will help the board build its emergency plan, plus develop the long-term succession strategy to ensure you have the leadership for the future.


Bottom line? You’ll have the right talent lined up when you need them.

Let’s Get Planning

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