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CEO Evaluations

The board’s most important responsibility? CEO performance. Let’s make sure it’s done, and done well.

WATSON’s CEO evaluations will help get a clear picture of your chief executive’s effectiveness and offer the developmental feedback your CEO is craving.

What you can expect

Robust Dialogue

WATSON creates a forum to have a real dialogue about the CEO’s performance and how he or she can advance the organization’s success.

Valuable Self-Awareness

Your CEO will have a clear understanding of personal strengths, weaknesses and developmental goals.

Balanced Feedback

Clients value WATSON’s tailored and professional approach.  We share balanced, objective and fair feedback from all parties so the board discussion is informed, healthy and relevant.


The board and CEO will achieve greater alignment on key issues as a result of WATSON’s refined process.

A WATSON CEO evaluation examines
  • Organizational Leadership: How well the CEO builds a strong team, a supportive culture and articulates priorities that move the business towards strategic goals.
  • Governance Support: How effectively the CEO works with, supports and partners with their board to maximize the board’s ability to govern the organization well.
  • Stakeholder Relations: How the CEO identifies key stakeholders and engages these stakeholders appropriately to foster strong, trusted relationships.
  • Financial Performance: How well the CEO understands the financial realities at play and knows how to ensure sound and sustainable financial performance.
  • Operational Efficiency: How consistently the CEO prioritizes and executes internal initiatives focused on efficiency and productivity and knows how to move these forward.


Bottom line?  Who you measure matters .

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